Try This Erase Board For Size

As a hard-working and dedicated school teacher, you may have already heard of the dry erase board. For all the other readers know, you may already have one sitting in your classroom. But have you heard of this one? Try this one out for size. Have you heard of the magnetic dry erase board? It is even better than the old dry erase board. Because here you get to do even more work than before.

Here you really get to put your point across. Speaking of which, you should be provided with a pointer when you order your new magnetic dry erase board. But don’t forget to find a good home for the old dry erase board. Just think of all the poor schools that are falling very short of the mark in terms of their essential teaching aids. You wonder now if you even need an overhead projector for your lessons.

Just think. You are saving power. Given that you spend most of the day teaching, this could mean quite a lot in terms of saving on the school’s utility bills, not discounting the fact that there’s your colleagues doing their own thing down the corridor. Alas, the overhead projector needs to remain in the main auditoriums of some of the country’s top colleges and varsities. In these environments, the use of the projector is apt.

magnetic dry erase board

But hardly necessary in your small classroom. Stick with the magnetic dry erase board rather. Here’s your new opportunity to create interactive lessons. Now more than ever, you get your students to participate. While you are using the dry erase pens to mark up and correct notes, the magnetic clips can be used to stick fast new material that could heighten the students’ interest in your lessons.