When it comes to camping most people think of pitched tents, a can of beans cooking on the fire or for the more avid campers a cabin in the woods.  In the past the act of camping was mostly enjoyed by men.  However with the constant intrusion of modern technology on our lives more and more families are taking on the joys of camping in a cabin.

When we think of a cabin the images of a log cabin comes to mind.  In fact cabins and small homes in the forest are become more modern in design and style.  As such people are opting to turn these once run down places and turning them into showcase with modern plumbing, lighting and a few cabin area rugs.

When looking at the modern cabin they are really quite lovely.  Some are made out of shipping container while others go the traditional handmade log cabin route.  For others that really want the outdoor experience with an in home feel the option of buying land, clearing it and building a traditional home or modern cabin is the chosen option.

When making your decision on a cabin and the style of decorations you have several to choose from.  You can have a modern look and feel to your cabin where a modern rug that would accent the lines perfectly.  For the more adventurous of us an abstract rug with bold colors and designs would fit the bill.

No matter if you go modern, abstract or something in between you really want to find something that suits your style and the space it is living in.  Each rug has a story to tell and like a photo has a thousand words to say it in.

cabin area rugs.

So if your desire is to live in a cabin in the woods take a little piece of home with you and accent your area with an area rug or two.